Bomholt intercoifurre is always updated with the latest cutting,
color and styling techniques.

Line Bomholt
Owner of Bomholt Intercoiffure

Line opened the salon in Grønnegade in 2000.

Line and her team give you professional and exclusive treatment in pleasant surroundings in the middle of Copenhagen.

With Bomholt Intercoiffure, Line will:
”run salons that boom with intimacy, atmosphere and personality. And Line wants to surround her selv with good people who are passionated about the profession”.

You can always come in and buy our delicious products. We use the same products during the treatments. As an additional service, we offer – free of charge – that you can have your edges straightened once between your haircuts with us, so that your new hairstyle lasts longer.

if you are prevented, please call or text to cancel the appointment. So others can enjoy this time.

phone 21 49 52 55

Are you getting to married and are you looking for a hairdresser

who can style your bridal hair?

Then come in to Bomholt Intercoiffure, where our team will help you get the

most beautiful hair for the big day.

We can also help you with the make-up so that your look is completed beautifully and personally.

Line Bomholt
Ejer af Bomholt Intercoiffure

Line åbnede i 2000 salonen i Grønnegade.

Line og hendes team giver dig

en professionel og eksklusiv

behandling i behagelige

omgivelser midt i København.

Med Bomholt Intercoiffure vil Line:

”drive saloner der boomer af intimitet, atmosfære og personlighed. Og Line vil omgive sig med gode mennesker, der brænder for faget”.

Du kan altid komme ind og købe vores lækre produkter. Vi bruger de samme produkter under behandlingerne.

A quick and relaxed summer look at our sweet customer. Remember to get ideas for own your summer look, when you visit the salon.

Husk at ringe eller sms’e afbud på

tlf. 21 49 52 55

hvis du bliver forhindret. Så andre kan få glæde af tiderne.

Casual weekend hairstyling

Skal du giftes og er du på jagt efter en frisør der kan sætte dit brudehår? 

Så kom ind til Bomholt Intercoiffure, hvor vores team vil hjælpe dig med at sætte det smukkeste hår til den store dag.

Vi kan også hjælpe dig med makeuppen så dit look bliver gennemført smukt og personligt.